Our technologies

Craftsmanship and technological innovation

CAD/CAM design

Our team of expert technicians uses state-of-the-art CAD/CAM systems to design, develop, and check the feasibility of the commissioned prototypes before passing all the necessary information to the designated production departments.

Machining and...

We have a comprehensive fleet of traditional and CNC machine tools, transfer machines and machining centres to perform a vast range of techniques, such as milling, drilling, grinding, spark machining, laser engraving etc., and produce the highest quality components with outstanding turnaround times.

Precision casting

Our precision casting department has all the machinery and equipment required for every step of the production process:

  • Wax injection machines
  • Dosamix machines
  • Annealing furnaces
  • Vacuum casting machines
  • Centrifugal casting machines
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • High-pressure water-jet cleaning
  • Vibratory and rotary shakeout systems
Quality control

Our quality control department is equipped with optical and digital measuring machines that centralise data in an advanced computerised system. This enables us to ensure that the end product features the appropriate high standard of quality and meets the highest possible expectations demanded by our clients and the market.


All the surface finishes for the bracelet and clasp components, such as satinising, deburring, polishing, etc. are performed in-house. Our experts in this department have a level of skill, mastery, and dexterity that comes only from years of experience working with highly specialised professionals.

Assembly and product control

The bracelet assembly department is where our bracelets come to life. Components arrive from the semifinished warehouse to be assembled and create the bracelets, including the clasp. Each piece is checked to ensure it works impeccably and looks perfect. Next the surfaces are covered with special protective film before the bracelets are packed.